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In City Puerto Vallarta we reward your preference, that’s why when you rent a car in Puerto Vallarta with us you can enjoy incredible promotions and discounts with the main tourist attractions of the city.

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What our clients say

Comment from Charles M. in Cancun Car Rental

Charles M.

May, 2019


My friends and I traveled comfortably and without complications, the attention of the company is great, it was a good experience in Car Rental in Cancun.
Comment from Marco T. in Cancun Car Rental

Marco T.

May, 2019


Last week, on my vacation. I rented a car at City Cancun Car Rental. It's an excellent option if you want a great service.
Comment from Arnold S in Cancun Car Rental

Arnold S

Oct, 2019


It was an incredible experience! As soon as they saw me at the airport they helped me to get to their offices and be able to do all the paperwork and in the shortest time.
Comment from Tony K in Cancun Car Rental

Tony K

Oct, 2019


I love being able to rent with you, in short, you have a great service with customers, helped me via phone to meet your partner at the airport to take me to your offices.
Comment from Barbara K. in Cancun Car Rental

Barbara K.

May, 2019


Great Cancun car rental company, I was never pressured with disturbing calls, they respected all discounts and promotions, undoubtedly is excellent.
Comment from Mike T. in Cancun Car Rental

Mike T.

May, 2019


We needed a car and we contacted City car rental. The car rental cancun service was good, the guy who attended us was kind and resolved our questions.
Comment from Robert D. in Cancun Car Rental

Robert D.

May, 2019


This company Cancun City Car Rental cares about its customers, from the moment of booking the attention was excellent until the time of returning the vehicle.
Comment from Kate J in Cancun Car Rental

Kate J

Jul, 2019


We received a very good service from the branch manager, the signing of the contract was very fast, the car was in excellent conditions, and we were advised on places to go, definitely great customer service!

Are you looking for a Car Rental Puerto Vallarta? We are the best Puerto Vallarta Car Rental company

This site has many places of interest that you can visit if you book a Car Rental Puerto Vallarta. When we travel to a tourist place, the taxis can be quite expensive and public transportation services are uncertain. If you choose to Rent a Car in Puerto Vallarta, you will be able to travel comfortably and safely through the different tourist attractions around Puerto Vallarta.

The Car Rental Puerto Vallarta service of City Car Rental Puerto Vallarta is one of the best experiences valued by our customers.

We invite you to tour Puerto Vallarta at your own pace and be the owner of your own time. In City Puerto Vallarta Car Rental, we will provide personalized attention and our customer service department will gladly answer any questions you have about our service.

If you book Puerto Vallarta Car Rental, you can be sure that the rates we drive in our official site already have taxes and coverage included. Also, so that you can enjoy your trip without worries when you rent a car with City Car Rental, you will have the peace of mind of receiving a recent model of vehicle, which is continuously monitored under strict quality standards to ensure that you enjoy a carefree trip.

Look no further, Puerto Vallarta Car Rental by City Car Rental Puerto Vallarta is your best option!

What Does Include Your Puerto Vallarta Car Rental?

Travel Smart, Don´t Pay Extra Money.

Travel Safe, All The Rates Include Insurance

  • Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
  • Primary Third Person / Property Liability (PLI)
  • Medical Exprenses Insurance (PAI)
  • Theft Protection (TP)
  • Civil Responsibility Complement (SLI)

No Hidden Fees, Your Rental Include Taxes

Rest assured that with us you will not pay hidden over-the-counter fares, your rent already includes airport, federal and local taxes. With us, have the confidence of what you see it’s what you pay at the counter on your arrival.

Drive The City With Our Free Mileage

Tour the city without limitations, thanks to our free mileage you will not have to pay extra fares for the amount of kilometers traveled, just worry about enjoying your trip.

Car Rental Puerto Vallarta experience

At City Puerto Vallarta Car Rental we are committed to providing you with a great experience for your vacations. We understand the importance of starting your trip as soon as possible, that's why all our car rental processes are designed so that you can begin your stay in the city in the best way.

If you book Puerto Vallarta Car Rental with us, you will get the support and advice from our customer service center, which will assist you at all the time to make your Puerto Vallarta Car Rental a great experience.

When you book your Puerto Vallarta Car Rental with us, you can be sure that you will get the first-class service. The most important thing for us is your comfort and security.

If you are tired of the same Car Rental Puerto Vallarta agencies and want to get the service you deserve, book with us, and you won't regret it.

Reasons to visit Vallarta and Rent a Car in Puerto Vallarta with Us

Puerto Vallarta is currently one of the most famous destinations in Mexico. It has the most beautiful Mexican beaches and has an excellent hotel infrastructure that will allow you to spend a dream vacation. Puerto Vallarta bordered by the great mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental of the State of Jalisco, and the immense Mexican Pacific.

If you are looking for a different destination, surrounded by nature and lonely beaches, in Puerto Vallarta you will find the ideal corner to enjoy your vacations. And if this were not enough, from Puerto Vallarta you can also visit Tequila is one of the most famous magical towns of Jalisco.

Don't miss the opportunity to know the romantic zone of Vallarta and fall in love with its beautiful and colorful landscapes.

In Puerto Vallarta, you can also go shopping in prestigious brand stores or the “Cuale River” handicraft zone.

Discover City Car Rental | Locations on the City

Airport Car Rental Puerto Vallarta

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Phone+52 (322) 308 0085

Office hourSUN-MON from 06:00 to 23:30

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TIP #9


Meet "Nuestra señora de Guadalupe" in Puerto Vallarta

When you visit Puerto Vallarta, you will be able to see an endless number of iconic places that will dazzle more than one person. If you get a car rental Puerto Vallarta service, you will have the opportunity to visit each one of these ideal places.

One of the most important sites of interest in the city is the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which each year receives an influx of thousands of people and is considered a historical and representative center for each of its inhabitants.

When you visit the city, do not miss the opportunity to meet our lady of Guadalupe and appreciate every square meter of its magnificent architecture and historical statues that make up one of the most visited churches in Mexico. Also, do not forget that when you book an airport car rental Puerto Vallarta, you will train the ease of getting to this and many other attractions in the city.

TIP #8


Visit the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta

The romantic zone gets its name from the fact that as soon as people crossed over to the other side of the Cuale River, the atmosphere was so calm and peaceful that dozens of lovers crossed the river only to spend a romantic night on the old Puerto Vallarta zone.

The cobblestone and narrow streets are also one of the reasons why this place is ideal for couples to visit. Therefore, while you are in the city, if you purchase a Puerto Vallarta Car Rental service, you will be able to get to know, tour, explore and quickly get to the south of the city to discover what the romantic zone has for you and your partner.

While you book your Puerto Vallarta Airport Car Rental, compare prices, and book your hotel room, together with your companion, plan an escape to this incredible place that you will not regret visiting!


TIP #7


Visit Islas Marietas

After getting to know Puerto Vallarta and visiting the local beaches and other attractions in the city, thanks to the fact that you got a Puerto Vallarta Car Rental, don't forget that there are more destinations that you can get to know from this incredible city. Just a few kilometers away by boat, you will be able to visit the Marietas Islands.

Islas Marietas is a territory made up of two nearby islands of soft sand, an archipelago of volcanic origin considered one of the largest ecological refuges on the planet that you can not miss where you will meet the famous hidden beach.

You can make a trip to these islands in a simple way, but you will have to make your reservation in advance, as access is limited to only 116 people a day, move quickly to purchase a Puerto Vallarta Airport Car Rental to the pier and enjoy a new adventure in these beautiful uninhabited islands a few miles away.

TIP #6


Travel to the unknown

When we visit a new place it is normal to have doubts about what we will do when we arrive at it, what activities we will do and how much risk each one of these have, for the same reason we tend to lose the most valuable thing that are the experiences of what we could know if we ventured to what we don't know.

When you Rent a car in Puerto Vallarta with City Car Rental, you acquire a quality service that will take you wherever you want with the best service and guaranteed safety because during your journeys, what matters most is your safety.

When you get a Puerto Vallarta Car Rental service, you can be sure that your arrival at your destination will be safe and will have what you need to enjoy this without any limitation, on your next trip to Puerto Vallarta get a Car Rental Puerto Vallarta service.

TIP #5


Take your important documents to your travels

It is important that whenever you travel, carry with you your documents, if you are going to rent a car for example and have some inconvenience on the road you will like to bring your IDs and driving license both from the agency and issued in your locality to avoid major problems.

A factor that will serve much to have your documents in hand is that you can receive discounts, if you are local help you even more, in some parks and attractions you can receive generous discounts and even free entry.

If you are a foreigner do not worry, because remember that when you rent a car with City Car Rental Puerto Vallarta you acquire discounts of up to 20% in attractions of the city.

So you know, stay safe and take your documents with you during your trips around the city.

TIP #4


Don't Limit Yourself

During your travels you may not have as many options and ease to move around the city and know the places you want, another factor may also be that you do not have enough resources to pay the transportation costs generated by traveling from one place to another as extras for mileage, gasoline, insurance and so on.

It is important that when you look for your mobility method, do not only look at the initial price of this, verify that the mileage comes included here and that it is better, that it is unlimited, as you will have it with Rent a car in Puerto Vallarta by City Car Rental.

One of the benefits that you will have with your car rental Puerto Vallarta service is that you will not have to pay extras for mileage or basic insurance and you can always have the security of traveling to wherever you want in the safest way without limits or extra charges!

TIP #3


Precautions for renting a car in the city

Many people travel daily to Puerto Vallarta and it is normal to ask questions such as - How safe is it to get a Puerto Vallarta car rental service? and the answer is quite simple because renting a car in the city is not a complicated task, it is complicated to know where to do it.

There are many agencies that will try to trick you by putting extremely low prices on their initial rates, but the reality of things is that you end up paying up to double what you see in advertising, so every time you get a Puerto Vallarta airport car rental remember to make sure that the initial price and taxes are included and do not charge unnecessary additional charges.

Rent a car in Puerto Vallarta with city car rental and enjoy your trip in a way like never before!


TIP #2


Share experiences

Over the years the number of people traveling to destinations like Puerto Vallarta has been growing and growing, and this is because travelers like you have decided to share their travels and experiences with the people closest to them in a perfect destination to share and create memories that will last forever. 

Rent a car in Puerto Vallarta will be your ally if you want to stay at all times in the company of your loved ones or companions, for this, the only thing you will have to do is to acquire the best Puerto Vallarta Airport car rental that suits you best depending on the number of people who accompany you.

Also make sure to rent a car in Puerto Vallarta with City Car Rental, as we offer wide insurance included in all your Bookings with us so that you and your companions can tour the city with the confidence and security you are looking for.

TIP #1


Get ahead of the unexpected

If you are going to travel, remember that having everything planned is always much better, because this way you can save a lot of money when you rent a car in Puerto Vallarta or getting discounts on hotels and attractions in the city.
Planning things before traveling will give you many more opportunities to discover more activities to do in the city, in addition, if you go to a nearby destination and have an unforeseen event on the road you can be sure to get the service and assistance you need because with City Car Rental Puerto Vallarta you get wide insurance included, this way you will make the most of your vacation and visit to each place with the security you deserve.
Know and compare every vehicle and service when you book on our page, so you will have the security of acquiring the best vehicle during your trips and know the roads you always wanted to discover with the ideal Puerto Vallarta airport car rental service for your adventures!



Why you should Rent a Car in Puerto Vallarta wit Us?

In Puerto Vallarta, you will find a significant number of activities that you can do in your next visit to this amazing place. You will be able to enjoy the landscapes of the Sierra Madre Occidental and the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

Our Car Rental Puerto Vallarta service will give you the opportunity to visit all the places you want, without limitations during your trip. If you Rent a Car in Puerto Vallarta with Us you will get reasonable prices that adapt to your travel budget.

Don't miss the opportunity to spend an unbeatable vacation in Puerto Vallarta and visit its beautiful beaches, historic buildings and of great importance, works of art, customs, traditions, and legends typical of the region. Rent a Car in Puerto Vallarta is your BEST Option.

How safe is it to Rent a Car in Puerto Vallarta?

In Puerto Vallarta, you have the option to move by taxi or public transportation. Taxis can often be very expensive if you come and go from several places. You can also use public transportation but it becomes a very uncomfortable way to get around due to uncertain schedules, the time it takes you to get to a particular place and because of traffic or weather issues make it difficult to move around the city.

We know that your main objective is to make the most of your vacations without having to worry about transport. That's why your best option is to choose a Car Rental Puerto Vallarta service so that you can enjoy your stay to the maximum.

Rent a Car in Puerto Vallarta guarantees a fast, reliable and safe service are putting at your disposal our fleet with vehicles that are supervised by strict quality controls and are regularly subjected to maintenance. We handle the best rental prices, with all the insurance you need to be included in the price you see when you make your reservation.

What are you waiting for? Decide to have the vacation of your dreams choosing the best Car Rental Puerto Vallarta agency.

Where can you Rent a Car in Puerto Vallarta?

In Puerto Vallarta, you can find several Car Rental Puerto Vallarta companies, but most of these companies do not fulfill what they promise or handle hidden prices which they charge you at the end of your reservation.

In City Car Rental Puerto Vallarta we know how important it is for our customers to get a high-quality service, efficient and reliable, so we put at your disposal our facilities where you will be served by an excellent team of experts in customer service that will help you at the Puerto Vallarta Airport

You can find our Puerto Vallarta Car Rental service on Puerto Vallarta Airport and in the Puerto Vallarta hotel zone.

In this way, we expand our Puerto Vallarta Car Rental service to get close to you. Take advantage of our promotions and reserve on our official site.

What is the best Puerto Vallarta Car Rental option?

In this tourist site, you will find an endless number of Puerto Vallarta Car Rental companies that offer great promotions at an incredible price. The reality is that the vast majority of these companies do not fulfill what they promise and make extra charges that will surprise you when you finalize your reservation.

We are the best Mexican company, which cares about the economy of our customers, for them, we are your best choice.

Is it safe to Rent a Car in Puerto Vallarta?

Generally, taxis tend to be very expensive, and if you plan to visit most places during your stay in Puerto Vallarta, you will probably have to take several of them. Another option is public transportation because is cheap, but you often spend a lot of time waiting for it. That's why if you travel to Vallarta, the Puerto Vallarta Airport Car Rental service is the most practical way to take care of your budget and your time. 

Rent a Car In Puerto Vallarta is the BEST option that helps you save money and valuable time that you can invest in your vacation. City Puerto Vallarta Car Rental offers special packages that fit your travel needs, with different categories of vehicles so you can find the most suitable to your tastes and needs.

Puerto Vallarta Car Rental includes vehicles in excellent condition. All the taxes and insurances that you will need are included in the Puerto Vallarta Car Rental price that you visualize on our website.

At City Car Rental Puerto Vallarta we offer you a very economical option in Puerto Vallarta Airport Car Rental services, and we say NO to all those hidden charges or "mandatory insurance."

What is the perfect kind Puerto Vallarta Car Rental for me?

We are a Puerto Vallarta Airport Car Rental company that cares about the comfort and safety of our customers. We know how important it is to have a reliable and comfortable service for your vacation. By choosing City Car Rental Puerto Vallarta, we will guarantee excellent service and make sure we have the perfect car for you.

We have a wide variety of vehicles such as compact vehicles, large vehicles, SUVs or small group vans. You can choose the best Puerto Vallarta Airport Car Rental option to suit your travel needs.

If you are traveling on a limited budget or your own, we suggest you rent a cheap car.

If you are used to driving a manual or automatic car, at City Puerto Vallarta Car Rental we give you the option to choose your favorite.

Planning a family trip? We recommend you rent a full-size car.

Are you traveling with more than five people or with the whole family? We recommend that you rent an SUV for a maximum of 7 passengers.

Do you travel with a group of more than ten people? We recommend you rent a van for up to 15 passengers.

Where can I go if I decide to Rent a Car in Puerto Vallarta?

If you want to Rent a Car in Puerto Vallarta we have 1 location very close to the Puerto Vallarta Airport, but also we offer the service to deliver the car in your hotel

You must book your Puerto Vallarta Car Rental service in our website first, and select the best option for you, pick your car on the Puerto Vallarta Airport or get delivered on the lobby on any hotel in Puerto Vallarta

What is included in the reservation of Puerto Vallarta Car Rental?

In City Car Rental Puerto Vallarta all our rates offer a real and complete service. Our Puerto Vallarta Car Rental prices include Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (CDW- with 10% deductible), Civil Liability Insurance (PLI- with 10% deductible), Medical Expense Insurance, Theft Protection (with 10% deductible), Civil Liability Supplement, Airport Pickup and Delivery, Legal Assistance, Free Mileage and State and Federal Taxes.

We have the most modern and comfortable vehicles, and all of them are in excellent condition. Also, our fleet is in constant maintenance to avoid any notice on your trip.

Compare yourself and find out why we are the most reliable and efficient option to book Puerto Vallarta Car Rental.

Can I rent a car near me, which Puerto Vallarta Car Rental agencies are near me?

At City Car Rental Puerto Vallarta we are always close to you, you don't have to worry about your location as you can receive your car in the lobby of your hotel or the door of your house (for an extra charge). We are the best choice of all Puerto Vallarta Car Rental agencies.

At City Car Rental Puerto Vallarta you won't believe how easy it is to book a Puerto Vallarta Car Rental service for your next vacations.

The reservation process is simple and fast; you can do it online or by phone. You can find our Puerto Vallarta Airport Car Rental company or at the Vallarta hotel zone, so we invite you to enjoy the best experience of renting a car at an excellent price.

Can I add extra services to my Puerto Vallarta Airport car rental service?

You can add some extra services and benefits to your Puerto Vallarta Car Rental to make things easier for you and your companions. One of our goals is to provide to our customers with the best and most complete service, that is why we have a list of additional services that you can add such as:

  • Personalizes attention 24/7 in English or Spanish
  • Help with booking local attractions, parks, and restaurants
  • Baby or child seats
  • Additional driver.

All of these options can be added in our Puerto Vallarta Car Rental service with an extra cost so you will be able to enjoy your travel and have a pleasant experience.

Where can you find us?

City Car Rental Puerto Vallarta offers you the possibility to live the experience of renting a car with us in several destinations in Mexico:

How much does it cost to rent a car in Puerto Vallarta?

Vehicle CategoryPrice Per DayPrice Per Week
Rent a Compact Car in Puerto Vallarta30.56 USD183.33 USD
Rent a Economy Car in Puerto Vallarta27.72 USD166.33 USD
Rent a Standard Car in Puerto Vallarta33.33 USD200.00 USD
Rent a Full-Size Car in Puerto Vallarta38.89 USD233.33 USD
Rent a Compact SUV Car in Puerto Vallarta36.06 USD216.33 USD
Rent a Mini Van Car in Puerto Vallarta66.67 USD400.00 USD
Rent a Pasenger Van Vehicle in Puerto Vallarta83.33 USD500.00 USD
Puerto Vallarta Car Rental
The best Puerto Vallarta Car rental experience! Make your car rental in Puerto Vallarta more practical and easy with us. Find out why we are one of the top rated car rental companies on the internet - rent today with City Car Rental!
Discover why more than 4K happy customers rate us with 5 stars
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