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Need help booking? Call now! +52 (998) 980.0608
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City Car Rental is a proudly Mexican car rental company that was born to offer travelers an honest and quality alternative. Our team is trained to provide a timely service, and is made up of specialists in customer service and user experience on digital platforms.

We distinguish by offering the best rates in the market and no hidden prices, ensuring the best car rental experience for you.

We have several ways of contact to facilitate the hiring of a car rental service, so we will always be at your disposal when you need us.

City Car Rental offers to each customer the best value to rent a car, through exclusive promotions, discounts and other benefits.

We believe in our capacity to provide a better experience to the travelers who visit the main tourist destinations in Mexico, so we offer the best options to rent a car easy and fast with an adequate and friendly orientation. Also, in City Car Rental we always working to give reasonable rates without sacrificing safety and comfort.


Offer the best service and attention in car rentals, revolutionizing the travel experience of each client.


Position ourselves as world leaders in the car rental experience, being the first option for each traveler to rent a car.


At City Car Rental we work based on the following values to meet the needs of our customers:

- Honesty: We offer clear rates, without hidden prices. In your reservation, we explain precisely all the services you are paying for so you can rent a car with no worries.

- Passion: We always work to provide the best experience for travellers who rent a car with us. That is why you will always receive timely and friendly attention when you seek our services.

- Quality: We understand that our customers are special; for this reason, we will always look for the comfort and security that characterizes our car rental service.


We currently have presence in:

Cancun - Playa del Carmen - Puerto Vallarta - Los Cabos

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City car rental

Cancun Km 22 Carretera Cancun-Chetumal Aeropuerto Internacional de Cancún, Cancún Quintana Roo +52 (998) 9800766 CP 77565 México

What our clients say

Comment from Barbara K. in Cancun
Barbara K.
(5/ 5)

Great Cancun car rental company, I was never pressured with disturbing calls, they respected all discounts and promotions, undoubtedly is excellent.

May, 2019
Comment from Sheila D. in Cancun
Sheila D.
(5/ 5)

Excellent Cancun car rental, it proved to be a serious and reliable company, the vehicle I rented was in perfect condition.

May, 2019
Comment from Simons L. in Cancun
Simons L.
(5/ 5)

I am satisfied with this service, I had no problems with the reservation or with the vehicle. The attention is good. I highly recommend this Car Rental Cancun Company.

May, 2019
Comment from Charles M. in Cancun
Charles M.
(5/ 5)

My friends and I traveled comfortably and without complications, the attention of the company is great, it was a good experience in Car Rental in Cancun.

May, 2019
Comment from Robert D. in Cancun
Robert D.
(5/ 5)

This company Cancun City Car Rental cares about its customers, from the moment of booking the attention was excellent until the time of returning the vehicle.

May, 2019
Comment from Marco T. in Cancun
Marco T.
(5/ 5)

Last week, on my vacation. I rented a car at City Cancun Car Rental. It's an excellent option if you want a great service.

May, 2019
Comment from Kelly R in Cancun
Kelly R
(5/ 5)

My boyfriend and I needed to rent a car in Cancun for our vacation. We contacted City car rental and we loved the service. Were satisfied.

May, 2019
Comment from Jhon S. in Cancun
Jhon S.
(5/ 5)

Last week my wife and I decided to rent a car in Cancun because a friend recommended it. Our vacation was perfect and we were satisfied with the car we got.

May, 2019
Comment from Jason M in Cancun
Jason M
(5/ 5)

Days ago I took a business trip and needed to rent a car in Cancun. I decided on City car rental. It gives me an efficient and safe service.

May, 2019
Comment from Mike T. in Cancun
Mike T.
(5/ 5)

We needed a car and we contacted City car rental. The car rental cancun service was good, the guy who attended us was kind and resolved our questions.

May, 2019
Comment from Marvin N. in Cancun
Marvin N.
(5/ 5)

I was looking for the best Cancun Car Rental company, one of my friends recommend this company, when i contact them they was very helpful, good service, and they have my car at time, there was no problems in my rent

March, 2019
Comment from Eric O. in Cancun
Eric O.
(5/ 5)

The staff of this Cancun Car Rental company were professionals, as soon as I made the contract for my car, they gave me the vehicle and I enjoyed my vacations in Cancun.

March, 2019
Comment from Malcolm H. in Cancun
Malcolm H.
(5/ 5)

My wife and I wanted to Rent a Car in Cancun a few weeks ago, we found different options, but in the end, we opted to rent our car with City Cancun Car Rental.

February, 2019
Comment from Arthur N in Cancun
Arthur N
(5/ 5)

It is a good Cancun Airport Car Rental company, if you want to take care of your pocket, I really liked the service, the vehicles are in good condition, the reservation was easy to make.

February, 2019
Comment from Francis W. in Cancun
Francis W.
(5/ 5)

The vehicle I rented was clean and in very good condition, I liked how we were attended, I recommend this Cancun Car Rental company, safe and cheap.

February, 2019